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Tarot Readings – A Tale of Two Spreads

Tarot Readings – A Tale of Two Spreads

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Spreads can add new dimenions and details to tarot readings. Photo by allisonshawn

Understanding the actual accuracy behind different tarot readings will depend on variables such as the spread and amount of cards. There are some Tarot spreads that may contain as few as three cards, which can still be incorporated in to some broad categories. This may include state of mind and anxiety over looming situations. Some small Tarot spreads used in tarot readings will only provide a brief overview of these problems. If people want to get a truly accurate idea of where their life is going, they will have to find the time to get linked up to ten cards in the Tarot spread.

The two primary spreads offering substantial information in tarot readings are known as the Celtic Cross spread and the Ankh spread.  A main difference between these Tarot spreads is that the Ankh will contain a couple significant cards. These are often dealt with seven other cards in these Tarot readings. The Celtic Cross actually only uses one significator, which can be chosen by the reader during the querent.

The Celtic Cross Spread in Tarot Readings

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The Celtic Cross and Ankh Spreads are just two that can be used in tarot readings. Photo by emersonquinn

The Celtic Cross split in to two different parts, including the cross and staff. The cross will include six cards drawn from the top of the deck. The cards will be pieced together in a cross shape, forming an internal cross as well. The center two cards will deal with the heart of the situation at hand.

With the remaining cards dealt in the Celtic Cross, the Tarot reader can predict movement across space and time. The reader can also anticipate wants and needs emerging from the subconscious mind.

The staff involves four cards that are laid out to the right side of the cross. This will describe the reader and their local environment. Some meaning can be drawn from comparing these different cards that are in their respective positions.

The Ankh Spread in Tarot Readings

The Ankh spread is somewhat different, being shaped like the Egyptian symbol. These Tarot spreads will use six cards drawn from the top of the deck. This will form the loop of the Ankh symbol. These particular cards will describe the perceptions of the reader and the life of the querent. Three more cards will form the straight line that goes downward on the Ankh.

Differences Between Tarot Readings with Ankh vs Celtic Cross Spreads

Though each of these cards may have different positions, the cards do tend to have similar meanings themselves.

The third card in the Celtic Cross will symbolize the past. Similarly, the third card of the Ankh will feature early causes of situations. This is a strong parallel between these two.

With the Celtic Cross spread, the fifth card will represent a higher state of mental being. Likewise, it also represents enhanced perception for the Ankh spread. Many readers think that these are similar principles, just expressed differently.

When reading the three cards that form the stem of the Ankh, there are some interesting features. The eighth card will actually concern surprise. Similarly, the eighth card in the Celtic Cross will offer insight in to any variables that are external. These concepts are surprisingly similar.

Tarot Readings and Spreads

Although tarot readings might be thought to be very similar, you can increase their utility and usefulness by doing any of a number tarot spreads.  Do a little research into tarot readings and tarot spreads and see which one is best for your needs.

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