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Tarot Card Reading – A Beginner’s Guide

Tarot Card Reading – A Beginner’s Guide

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Anyone can learn tarot card reading

Tarot card reading is exciting and rewarding, however, in the beginning many people become frustrated and discouraged. It can be difficult to see the deeper more subtle messages that the cards present. I have created a 10 step guide to help beginners overcome these obstacles and learn how to read tarot cards. This guide is geared towards reading your own tarot cards, however, most of the information can be used to read tarot cards for others as well. I hope that this guide helps to simplify the learning process and helps you to experience the thrill of reading tarot cards.

1) Avoid going in to your reading with an expected outcome. By hoping for a certain reading, you are limiting your own ability to read the cards accurately and to really understand what they are telling you. It is important to go into a reading relaxed and with an open mind in order to get the most out of your reading. If you are anxious or worried about an issue, wait until you have calmed your mind to consult your tarot cards for a reading.

2) It is important to look at the cards individually, and as a group. There are two divisions of tarot cards, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Major Arcana cards often hold larger, more impactful messages, whereas, Minor Arcana cards often hold an emotional meaning. Many beginners keep a book on hand when doing a reading in order to reference card meanings. This is a great idea for individual card meanings, but don’t forget to look at the group of cards as a whole as well. Different cards in the same group can cause subtle changes to the message of the tarot card reading.

3) When you are reading cards for a specific purpose it is important to consider changing the spread. A tarot spread means placing the cards according to the rules for the specific spread you have chosen. The place of each card will represent a part of your life, and will also subtly change the meaning of the cards. The Celtic Cross is one of the most popular tarot spreads, however, you can search for adaptions and use the spread that you feel is right for the reading you’re doing.

4) Reading tarot cards frequently will strengthen your ability to read them. It is just like learning anything new, the more you practice, the better you become. Some people are born with a strong psychic gift, and will learn quicker than those that have to pull from their latent abilities, however, anyone can become skilled at tarot card reading with enough practice. You will soon notice patterns in your readings, and will be able to recognize that as your psychic voice, hold on to that it is incredibly important to your success as a tarot card reader.

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10 Easy Steps for learning Tarot Card Reading

5) Choosing the right deck of tarot cards is crucial to successful tarot card readings. It is important to choose a deck that has meaning to you, or choose several that can be changed depending on your mood before the reading. Two of the most common decks are the Rider Waite and the Tarot of Marseilles.

6) You can use your tarot cards for quick one-question readings, such as “how will my day be.” When doing so it is important to remember to as a specific question, and read only one card.

7) Did you know that tarot cards can also be used for a simple spell? Spell candles gain their power based on their color, and by placing a tarot card next to the candle and repeating the name of the tarot card three times you can strengthen the spell. On our site you can find information about which colors work well with which tarot cards.

8) Keep notes of your tarot card reading in order to keep track of patterns that occur throughout all your readings. When you are reading tarot cards for yourself, it is easy to miss important messages, but by writing down the readings, you will be able to sit back and look objectively at the patterns, and be able to grasp the big picture.

9) Remember to have fun! All emotions are acceptable when reading a tarot card, but remembering your humor and happiness will not only make the reading more fun for you, it will also help you to relax and gain a more accurate reading.

10) Watch as many professionals as possible. This is just as important with tarot reading as it is with any other skill, watching those who have mastered the skill will help you gain infinite knowledge about it. Watching professional tarot card readers will allow you to observe different methods, styles and ways of interpreting the tarot card reading.

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