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He Loves Me, He Loves Not – Tarot Love Readings

He Loves Me, He Loves Not – Tarot Love Readings

Love makes our hearts go pitter-patter and can make the darkest day seem bright.  And sadly, the lack of love or heart break can make even the brightest day seem dark and dreary.  Navigating the swirling waters of love can be a challenge and having the ability to get meaningful answers about your love life can be a huge blessing.

Tarot Love Readings

Tarot love readings or psychic love readings can provide you the answers you are looking for when it comes to your love or romance life.  But sometimes, people aren’t quite sure what to ask in a reading or worse, they freeze up when they are on the spot and don’t get as much out of the love reading as they could.  Here are a couple simple tips for getting the best tarot love readings.

Top Tip for Getting the Best Tarot Love Readings – Prepare Beforehand!

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Get the Best Tarot Love Reading

Preparation helps in so many aspects of life and it’s certainly true for tarot love readings as well.  It’s always a good idea to brainstorm and think of specific questions you want to ask the tarot reader BEFORE you get the reading done and then WRITE THEM DOWN.  If you have something in front of you that you can use as a reference, you won’t have to worry about getting sidetracked or your mind going blank.  Plus, it gives the reading some structure so you can make sure you get answers to all of your questions.

Love Tarot Spreads

Most tarot readers know dozens – if not hundreds of various tarot spreads.  A tarot spread is a specific way of laying out the cards that has additional meaning based on the type of questions you wish to ask.  For instance, there are fortune spreads, health spreads and – of course – love spreads.

If you are seeking a psychic tarot reader specifically for issues of the heart, feel free to ask them if they know any specific love spreads.  They may be surprised at your knowledge but most of them are happy to oblige you and even explain what each card and position in the spread mean.

Meanings of the Cards – Their More Guidelines Than Actual Rules

It’s also important no to get too hung up in the meanings of the cards – especially when they are in a specific spread.  Remember, most of the psychic readers are using Tarot as a focus for their psychic intuition so they are interpreting the cards based on their meanings of their visions or psychic insight.  For instance, take the Empress Card.  Normally, the Empress means fruition and positive things are in the future.  Inverted, it has a different meaning and in a specific tarot love spread it could take on a different meaning depending on when and where it shows up in the spread.

Love can be incredible and bring alot of joy to our lives.  Make the most of love by getting a tarot love reading to find your lover, mate or soulmate or to get the answers you want about your current relationship.

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