Psychic Tarot Readings

Spiritual Guidance and psychic tarot readings by Viky


Viki Montero

Viki has been a psychic her entire life and has over 15 years of experience in helping and guiding people with her psychic gifts.  Even from a young age, she has always been interested in spiritual and psychic things which always been an integral part of her life.  She has spent many years developing her psychic talents through meditation and working with her Angel and Spirit guides so that she may better serve others.

While there are many psychics who charge much more than she does, she doesn’t want people to think that they are better or worse than she is.  Viky simply believes that her gifts are a blessing and should be shared with everyone – even those without a lot of money.  And while she would love to not have to charge, she still has to pay the rent and buy the necessities, so she must charge a small amount.

Viky is a third generation psychic, having inherited her gifts from her mother’s side of the family.  It was said that during World War II, her grandmother was often sought out by wives, mothers and girlfriends to find out whether or not their loved ones would return.  Her grandmother was never wrong.

While Viky is a powerful psychic, she is not a medium and cannot channel or speak with departed loved ones.  While she does have the gift of foresight and psychic intuition, the ability to speak with the dead does not run in her family.


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